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General Information

U.S. citizens living or traveling in Burundi are encouraged to sign up for our free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (formerly known as "Travel Registration" or "Registration with Embassies") to receive the latest travel updates and information. By connecting with us on the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, it is easier for us to contact or assist you in case of emergency.

Due to local banking restrictions on the age of foreign (U.S.) currency that is accepted, the U.S. Embassy cashier is authorized to accept only U.S. currency printed from 2006 forward. Payment is also accepted in Burundian Francs.

Find more useful information from the Department of State, including Country Specific Information and Travel Warnings. Find also the most recent Worldwide Caution announcement.

Find the most recent Messages for American Citizens.

Burundi: Country Specific Information

Burundi: Travel Warning

Non-Emergency Services

U.S. Citizen Services (by appointment only) - Mondays and Tuesdays

U.S. Citizen Walk-In Registration (no appointment necessary) - Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 800 to 1130.

The Consular Section is closed to the public on the last Tuesday of each month for administrative business. The Consular Section is only able to provide emergency services on administrative days. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Emergency U.S. Citizen Services are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Appointments for routine U.S. Citizen services can be made via the online appointment system only, and not by telephone with our consular staff. Routine U.S. Citizen services include passport issuance, extra passport pages, notary services, and consular reports of birth abroad. Click here to book an online appointment.

The section is normally closed briefly for lunch break between 12:00-13:00 daily. For emergencies after hours and on holidays call +257 79-938-841, or +257 22-20-7318 if no answer.

What is an Emergency?

A genuine emergency involves special circumstances that require someone to travel to the United States without forewarning, such as cases resulting from the sudden death or serious injury of a family member in the U.S., or other family emergencies. Missed plane connections and other inconveniences that may result in extra expense to the traveler are not emergencies.

Except for urgent life and death situations, lost, stolen, or expired U.S. passports will not be replaced after hours. Most U.S. citizens will be advised to appear at the Embassy on the next working day to apply for a passport.

Other genuine emergencies requiring the immediate assistance of the Embassy Duty Officer include the arrest, serious illness or injury, or death of an U.S. citizen. Callers who do not have a genuine emergency will be asked to contact the Consular Section on the next working day. There is a fee for after-hours consular services.

U.S. Citizens who plan to travel to Burundi are urged to enroll through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program ( STEP ) and can also obtain up to date information on travel and security in Burundi.